Why are Pitbulls so Aggressive?

Pitbulls have a long history of being selectively bred for their fighting prowess. For centuries, they have been bred to maintain an aggressive bloodline, and even today, people take the most aggressive puppy from a litter and raise it into a combat dog. This has led to aggression problems in many pitbulls, regardless of how much they are socialized. Even the ASPCA recognizes that pitbulls are genetically different from other dogs, and PETA, the world's largest animal rights organization, supports breed-specific sterilization for pit bulls.Several studies have been done on pitbulls to determine their level of aggression.

Some people have questioned the accuracy of these studies, as smaller dogs are not always reported for their aggressiveness due to their size. On the other hand, since pitbulls are relatively larger, any assault by them is more likely to be reported. Additionally, daily interactive activities such as taking your pitbull for walks or to dog parks can lead to higher rates of aggression due to being in an unfamiliar place with strange dogs.If your pitbull is acting unusually aggressive out of the blue, it may be due to a physical problem that is bothering them. So is it really true that pitbulls are the most aggressive breed? While several studies seem to point to this conclusion, there are also several studies that contradict this.

If your pitbull is very territorial about its plate of food, it is best not to put it in the same room as another dog while eating. The sooner you teach your pitbull how to behave with other people and dogs, the easier it will be to acclimate.Pitbulls don't do well when left alone for long periods of time as boredom can cause them to misbehave. When there is an attack by a pitbull, the damage caused to the victim will always be more significant than an attack by a smaller breed such as a Chihuahua. This reputation has attracted a segment of pet owners who seek out pitbulls specifically because of their aggressiveness, strength and power.When understanding pitbull statistics on aggression, it's important to keep in mind that several factors may come into play that bias public perception in one way or another.

It is also essential to understand what your pitbull will be most aggressive with. Some pitbulls may not give any visual signals before attacking, so it's essential that you know your pitbull well and train them properly. These examples are the main reasons why it is important to turn your unpredictable and untrained pitbull into a calmer and more experienced dog through training.While the term 'pitbull' isn't actually considered a breed, there are several types of breeds that are considered 'pitbulls' today.

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