The Pitbull: A Loyal and Misunderstood Breed

Pitbulls have long been a misunderstood breed, often associated with aggression and fighting. But the truth is, these loyal dogs have a long history of being used for herding, hunting, and guarding purposes. After World War II, Pit Bulls began to be seen more like “normal dogs”, receiving no more or less attention than any other breed. However, some lineages of Pit Bulls were bred to maximize aggressiveness.

This means that even with proper training and care, it's possible for a Pit Bull to become too aggressive. It's important to note that because they're full of energy, Pit Bulls need an active life with lots of exercise. Unfortunately, the American Pit Bull Terrier also became the preferred breed for dogfighting in the United States until 1976.This is because Pit Bulls were bred to attack to the fullest in underground quadrilaterals. While pound-for-pound Pit Bulls are stronger, the Rottweiler's enormous size would give them an advantage in overall power.Despite their reputation, Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal and loving dogs.

They are devoted to their owners and will do anything to protect them. With proper training and care, they can make wonderful companions.

Leah Alm
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