Can Pitbulls Protect Their Owners?

Pitbulls have a reputation for being aggressive, but they are actually loyal and loving dogs. They can be protective of their owners, but extensive and careful training is required to rely on them as “protection”. Pitbulls are smart and can be trained to protect their owners, but they are not naturally inclined to do so. They may become overprotective in certain situations, such as when their owners pass by other dogs on a walk or if someone knocks on the door.

To ensure that your Pitbull does not become aggressive, provide them with stimulating toys and activities while you are away. With the right training, a Pitbull can be a reliable protector.The practice of protective dogs is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. If you want a dog to rely on it to defend you when the time comes, a Pitbull is an excellent candidate. Take a look at the exploits of Sergeant Stubby, an American pitbull terrier who served during the First World War and captured a German spy with a single handle.

While these dogs are rare heroes, it's not reasonable to expect your untrained Pitbull to react the same way.Pitbulls have a great appreciation for their owners and become very caring and protective of their primary caregivers. Yes, pitbulls can be particularly prone to defensiveness and aggression when they believe their families are threatened. However, an average


is unlikely to effectively intervene in a serious situation. All dogs protect their owners when they are trained to do so.Your Pitbull will almost certainly strive to protect you no matter what happens, and the fact that you have a Pitbull is already doing so.

However, unless your Pitbull is trained in protective tasks, it can't do much more than scare off an intruder. Pitbulls are loyal, protective and people-oriented, but they don't reserve their loyalty for just one person. While they will show their master their favor, pitbulls can be rehoused and learn to interact with new people.In the family context, they have a lot of love and loyalty for everyone. Look closely at the situation in which your Pitbull is being protective and see if you can pick up any signals you may be emitting, subconscious or otherwise, that may be causing your dog to react protectively.

Many of these rescued Pitbulls were saved from terrible environments that can leave a lasting impression on their character.Pitbulls are smart enough to solve problems and find solutions, especially if they receive the right response training. There are almost countless anecdotal stories about the hero Pitbulls who protects his owners from fires, intruders and all kinds of evildoers.Pitbulls are highly protective dogs, but extensive and careful training is required to rely on them as “protection”. With the right training and stimulation, your Pitbull can become an excellent protector for you and your family.

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