Are Pitbulls Genetically Aggressive? An Expert's Perspective

When it comes to the aggression of pitbulls and dogs, there is a way in which it can develop slowly, as is the case with aggression based on frustration. It means that if your dog has had a negative experience in the past, your dog will respond based on how it has done in the past, it could be the

aggression of your pit bull

and your dog or simply barking out of fear. The aggressiveness of pitbulls and dogs can occur in many ways, from self-reinforcing behavior to situations where they feel they need to protect something valuable. For example, if you have two dogs and you throw a ball for both of them, there is a chance that your pit bull will show aggression towards the other dog if they see the ball as a valuable reward.

The same goes for the pitbull: if they never have the opportunity to feel the gratification of what they were raised and because of which they have a genetic tendency, the probability of the pitbull becoming aggressive decreases considerably. In the event that the Pitbull is bred for dogfighting, the pitbull has a genetic tendency to be aggressive with other dogs, however this does not mean that all Pitbulls are aggressive with other dogs.Nowadays there is no clear consensus on where the pitbull came from and how it came to exist, which is why some people believe that it was bred for dogfighting. The lack of adequate exposure is probably one of the main reasons why aggression arises from pitbulls and dogs. The ASPCA supports this view and mentions how different each individual is depending on their environment and experience, even between races.

This means that if you have or are considering buying a pitbull, you should not be worried about rumors of pitbulls and dog aggression being true for the breed. Each individual dog will respond differently depending on their environment and experiences.

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