Can You Trust a Pitbull? An Expert's Perspective

Pitbulls have been in the news for decades, and the ongoing social tension surrounding them has kept them in the spotlight. But can you trust a pitbull? According to Fisher, pitbulls do very well in the “good canine citizen” test. To understand the answer to this question, it's important to learn about the different dog breeds that make up a pitbull, their history of selective breeding (dogfighting), and other frequently asked questions. When a pitbull attacks, the injury inflicted can be catastrophic.

First responders, such as police officers and firefighters, understand this as do members of the media, who are quick to report these attacks. The problem is the sharp damage that a pitbull inflicts when it decides to bite. The pitbull's biting and waving style causes severe bone and muscle damage, often resulting in permanent and disfiguring injuries. In addition, once a pitbull initiates an attack, intervention with a firearm may be the only way to stop it.

When analyzing dog bite statistics, it's important to understand what constitutes a bite. A single bite, recorded and used in dog bite statistics, is a bite that breaks the skin. A poodle bite that leaves two puncture wounds is recorded in the same way as a pitbull attack, which can constitute hundreds of puncture wounds and a large loss of soft tissue. Despite the impasse in dog bite statistics, pit bulls are leading bite incidents in the United States.But it doesn't matter if a pitbull bites more or less than another breed of dog.

For every story of an attack on a pitbull, there are countless viral videos of smiling pitbulls loving a couple's new baby or tucked up in bed while smiling and wearing an adorable dog jumpsuit. Many pitbulls are loving family pets and live their best lives without causing any harm.Because of their dangerous reputation, however, pit bulls often face racial discrimination that prohibits them from living in certain apartments, houses, or even setting foot anywhere in entire cities. It also means that some insurance won't cover medical bills should someone or another pet be attacked by your pitbull, as this breed is often excluded from insurance coverage.One of the most powerful examples of a pitbull not getting carried away occurred in an Ohio court. In the Paul Tellings trial (Tellings was found guilty of violating the Toledo Pitbull Ordinance), Lucas County dog warden Tom Skeldon showed a video tape of a reassured pitbull hanging on a steel cable.

The dog is essentially unconscious and has not yet let go of its grip. At the time of recording, the pitbull was staying at the Lucas County Animal Shelter.Depending on the community in which you live and the proportion of pitbulls within it, you may or may not be able to trust a pitbull. But there are several groups that are actively working to rescue pit bulls in the public eye and to end racial discrimination.

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