When Do Pitbulls Turn Against Their Owners?

Pitbulls are a breed of dog that can be incredibly loyal and loving, but they can also turn against their owners if not properly trained and socialized. Signs of canine aggression usually begin to develop between 8 months and 2 years of age, although they can appear at any age. Pitbulls can become aggressive if they are subjected to violence, abuse, neglect, or lack of training. To prevent this from happening, owners should understand their natural instincts and needs and provide them with proper training and discipline.

Chewing on furniture and shoes is a common behavior for pitbulls, as they need an outlet for their energy. If an owner is irresponsible or shows any type of violence towards their pitbull, the dog may turn against them in the future.


are a lot of emotion and have rugged and athletic features, so it is important to socialize them to ensure that they don't harm anyone, including their owners. Training and discipline help the owner tame the Pitbull's ferocity and make him more loving.

If an owner doesn't train their Pitbull or trains them improperly, the dog can become an aggressive and deadly animal. In short, an untrained and unsocialized pitbull can attack its owner around 8 months to 2 years old. To properly discipline a Pitbull, prepare your dog for success by understanding their natural instincts and needs. Be very careful and take precautions when raising them because your small mistake or impatience can cause your Pitbull to turn against you.

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