Why Do Pitbulls Become Aggressive? An Expert's Perspective

Pitbulls have a long history of being used as aggressive dogs, and were specifically bred for dogfighting. But why do pitbulls become violent? According to Reid, there are a number of factors that can lead to a tendency towards aggression, such as raising dogs for protection purposes, dogfighting, social status, or economic benefit. Abuse, neglect, shackling, bonding, and inadequate obedience training and supervision can also contribute to a pitbull's aggression. In addition, if your


is experiencing high levels of pain or weakness, they may act aggressively.

It's important to note that pitbulls are genetically different from other dogs, and the American Temperament Test Society has published the results of a study that showed that many other dog breeds are more aggressive than pitbulls. Therefore, it's essential to understand what your pitbull will be most aggressive with. If your pitbull has a sudden behavioral alteration, it's important to see your vet immediately. A veterinarian will be able to analyze the dog's health status and rule out any possible pathological causes.

Even PETA, the world's largest animal rights organization, supports breed-specific sterilization for pit bulls. It's also important to be diligent in raising your pitbull to be less aggressive. Normalizing the different behaviors of other dogs and people at an early age can improve your pitbull's tolerance. Owners have been known to take the most aggressive pit bulls and raise them to maintain that aggressive bloodline. Daily interactive activities for owners, such as taking their pitbulls for walks or taking them to dog parks, have had higher rates of aggression because they are in an unknown place with strange dogs. When talking about pitbull aggressiveness, it's also essential to understand what your pitbull will be most aggressive with.

If your pitbull acts unusually aggressively out of the blue, he may have a physical problem that bothers him. Therefore, it can be easy to understand why dogs without pitbull DNA are blamed for their aggressiveness, or why verified attacks can unfairly damage the pitbull's reputation. When understanding pitbull statistics on aggression, it's important to keep in mind that several factors may come into play that bias public perception in one way or another. However, some pitbulls may not give any visual signals, so it's essential that you know your pitbull well. Overall, while pitbulls have an aggressive genetic history, being diligent in raising your pitbull to be less aggressive can go a long way. The sooner you teach your


how to behave with other people and dogs, the easier it will be to acclimate.

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