Are Pitbulls More Dangerous Than Other Breeds?

When it comes to dog attacks, pitbulls consistently rank high on the list. In almost every case in which I have been consulted, a pitbull was responsible for killing a person and the owners of the pitbulls did not have insurance, leaving the victim's family without compensation. The average rate of fatalities over the past 5 years was 53%. It is clear that when they attack, pitbulls are more likely to bite and cause injury than other breeds.

Although Labradors have a bite force of 236 PSI, similar to that of a pitbull, they were bred to have a soft mouth to prevent them from penetrating the birds they catch. Despite making up less than 6% of all dogs in the U.S., pitbulls are responsible for killing most children who die at the hands of a dog.

Leah Alm
Leah Alm

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