Are Pitbulls Dangerous? Understanding the Facts About Pitbulls

Pitbulls have a reputation for being dangerous dogs, but is this really the case? The truth is that, like any other breed, Pitbulls can be dangerous if not properly trained and socialized. However, with the right training and care, they can be loyal and loving companions. The American


has a bite force of 235 pounds per square inch, which is significantly higher than the bite force of a human or a great white shark. This strength has led to the myth that Pitbulls have jaws that lock when they bite.

In reality, there is no evidence that a Pitbull's jaws are anatomically different from those of other breeds. In the past 5 years, Pitbulls have been responsible for 53% of all dog-related fatalities. However, it's important to note that Pitbulls only account for 6% of all dogs in the U.S., so they are not necessarily more likely to attack humans than other breeds. In most cases where a Pitbull has killed someone, the owners did not have insurance and the victim's family did not receive justice in the form of compensation.

It's rare for a Pitbull to attack a human, but it can happen. To avoid confrontation, it's important to understand how to stop a Pitbull attack if one occurs. An example of this occurred in Alton, where a police officer was attacked by a Pitbull. This doesn't mean that Pitbulls attack humans more often than other breeds; it just means that their bites are more effective.While the American Pitbull has a strong bite force of 235 PSI, there are other breeds with an even stronger bite force.

This is why there aren't many reports of Pitbulls breaking or destroying bones with their bite. In most cases where a child has been attacked by a Pitbull, it was due to fear caused by the child's behavior.Pitbulls were originally bred for sports such as bull baiting and bear baiting because of their strong and fierce bites. When a Pitbull learns that new people can enter his comfort space without endangering him, he won't feel threatened. Although these sports are now illegal, they are still excellent examples of the fierce reputation of the Pitbull.It's important to note that while most deaths caused by dogs are attributed to Pitbulls, there are other breeds that also attack humans.

This is why it's important to get a good leash and crate for your Pitbull; these will help keep them safe and secure.In reality, Pitbulls don't have any physiological structure that allows them to keep their jaws in place. They tend to be very muscular, have large powerful jaws and are very fast over short distances. If a Pitbull bites an arm or leg of an elderly person or child, their strength and power may be enough to fracture bones.

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